Marvel 3v3 Team event

Hey guys, wanted to make a quick post specifically catered towards the 3v3 event at Undefeated for Marvel. If you've been to the past iterations of UDF you will know that we've always put a lot of emphasis on Teams, be them Regional (Team Cali, Team AZ, etc) or other themes (Team Logan we trust, etc). This year is no different and I want to quickly go over the rules for the 3v3 tournament since I expect this will be a much larger team tournament than you guys are use to. 

  • UMVC3 3v3 Team Clash (Saturday all-day)
  • 3 people per team, $30 per team (total) due at the time of sign-up on the day of
  • The Teams event will be ran POKEMON STYLE. This means that if you win your match, you stay on and keep playing.
  • Every match is FT3, and each Team has one life. Double elimination tournament
  • There is NO TEAM LOCK from player to player. If you beat their first guy and stay on to play their 2nd guy, you can switch teams for the 2nd guy. You CANNOT switch during a FT3 unless you lost (standard rules)


Team A vs Team B

Player A1 vs Player B1

Player A1 wins 3-0

Player A1 fights Player B2

Player B2 wins 3-2

Player A2 fights Player B2

Player A2 wins 3-1

Player A2 fights Player B3 (their last player in the 3v3)

Player A2 wins 3-0

Team A wins!

Team B is now in the losers bracket. Team A advances

Armando Mejia

Tempe, AZ