Undefeated UMVC3 X360 or PS4 Decision

The Marvel community has been thrown onto the cusp of absolute greatness. We've gone from having a "we're still alive" mentality to "how can I handle so much life" outlook. New ports, new games, new adventures into the competitive scene and even more unknowns await us in 2017. It's important to understand that the marvel community has finally been acknowledged once more, and that they are taking a risk on us by literally betting it all. We thought, prayed for a Marvel 4. What we got was EVERYTHING. I literally cannot stress enough that absolutely nobody expect just how much of a red carpet they are rolling out for all of this. The future is bright.

With that acknowledgement comes responsibility. We need to rise and answer to Capcom and Marvel's calls and support, buy, and promote their products. The UMVC3 HD port to PS4 is a great example. Gameplay wise the port is perfection. The game feels more responsive, they've reduced slowdown in places where we all thought there shouldn't be any (assist hitstop) and have overall improved how fluid it feels with consistent 60FPS. Sure, there is some audio bugs but really if this is a testament to anything in the future I am extremely excited. It is with this sense of responsibility, that I announce that UDF will be using the PS4 version for all our UMVC3 gameplay. Singles, and Curleh Mustache will be the first big marvel events to completely convert to PS4. We will be working closely with local venues, and scenes to provide enough setups and ensure that we have the ability to meet the new demand. I know a lot of us, especially X360 pad players will have some issues, but its time you face the future of UMVC3 on PS4, and Marvel Infinite also on PS4. As a tournament organizer having one console for every game is the best possible outcome. UDF features UMVC3, Xrd, SFV, KOF14 and Melty blood. 4/5 games will now be PS4 (Melty on PC), and we will proceed with our planning accordingly.

We will attempt to have some brook converters on hand to help those who cannot accommodate themselves, but please do not rely on this. Similarly, if you are registered for UDF but no longer wish to attend we will refund your registration fee in FULL, just please reach out to me. 

We stand at the beginning of 2017, Undefeated will pave the way for similar majors and hope to prepare our new and old generation of marvel players for the hype and competition that will be MVC: Infinite when it releases.

DISCLAIMER: If anything is discovered between here and Undefeated event dates, that makes the PS4 version unusable for tournament play we will attempt to switch back to X360.


Armando Mejia

Tempe, AZ