Transitioning from Endgame barcade to Crowne Plaza Hotel as a Venue

Hey guys! I sincerely apologize for being so quiet with Undefeated. Unfortunately a month or so back I got hit with unfortunate news: that the new barcade that was being built to open in April... wasn't going to be ready or opening at all by June. It was a tough pill. I knew that I was risking a bit by trusting a venue with Undefeated before it opened but nonetheless I did have backup plans. We've safely moved to the Crowne Plaza Airport hotel! We've got a great ballroom there with tons of space and the hotel is wonderful. Probably one of the newest hotels i've been to overall! They've also worked out an amazing rate for us at 79 dollars a night which all FGC heads know is dirt cheap so i'm really happy. 24 hour shuttle services too! This is legit like 5 minutes from the airport, very convenient. No more 30 dollar uber rides!! This will also finally start letting me push hard for the event (I was quiet because I was still signing papers/contracts) and make it the best event it can be. Now that this transition is over and I look at the overall, I actually think this is for the better for me and for the future of UDF. I'd really love to try to bring some circuits to my home town and it was hard to get proper sponsors since we ran it at barcade venues but now I feel we can truly be a bit more esports, while still maintaining that UDF grass roots feel by running whatever games we want! If you guys have any questions about anything please tweet me or msg me on fb! I'm here. 


Armando (Angelic)

Armando Mejia

Tempe, AZ