Danger ROOM

8 Players, 4 Invited and 4 chosen by the community faced off in 3 days of intense training, competition and non-stop action. Pairing the FT5 Round Robin format with some lighter elements like a "Super Mario Maker" tournament, it was an incredible event to spectate in every sense of the word. With IFC Yipes as the main MC, it hit record numbers across the board.


The Players

The 4 direct invited players were Evil Genius' NYChrisG, Misfits' Angelic, Panda Global's Dual Kevin, and Fable's Dual Kevin. To add to the roster, the 4 chosen by the community were Ahn Gaming's NotEnoughDamage, Airdash Club's Joey D & Staticalpha, and last but not least Mexico's TA Wolf.

The competition

With a 9,500~ USD community raised pot bonus, the players faced off in a series of Round Robin FT5 sets of gameplay to determine the seeding. Utilizing this sytem, we were able to add incentive to gameplay, while still building a storyline for the final singles day bracket on sunday. With many different regions present, everybody had something to prove.


the Fun

There's many events in the fighting game scene. Danger Room was something different. Special. Combining Communities, Competition and most importantly: Love of the Game was a key factor in Danger Room's success. We look forward to seeing communities grow, and know that everybody walked away with something truly special at the Danger Room 2017 event.